Our long experience and high production capacity enable our company to fulfill any order based on an individual needs of our
customers including the shape of the final component and the type of the raw material. We offer our customers assistance which
is widely understood; it concerns both technological consultancy and tool making.
Shaped products
Foam products
Pistons, membranes, bushings,
valves, rubber-metal components,
braking system gaskets, fuel
system gaskets.
O-ring gaskets, cover caps,
grommets, washers, plugs,
Bumpers, shock absorbers, washers, thermal isolation gaskets,
air conditioning system gaskets.
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Long experience
in Production of Rubber and Elastomer Parts
for Automotive Sector.
Elgum Automotive was established in 1994.

We are a long experienced company dealing
in production and distribution of rubber and
elastomer products for automotive sector.

Company is located at industrial area in
Sosnowiec, south-west of Poland.  
High Quality.

The proof of high quality of our products
are the Quality Management System Certificates
confirming to the following standards:        

IATF 16949:2016
ISO 9001:2015

The certificates are issued within the scope
of manufacture of rubber products
for the automotive industry.
Global Activity.

All these factors enabled Elgum Automotive
to build the strong and reliable brand.

Elgum Automotive exports rubber and elastomer
products to the markets all over the continents.

Our customers are the companies from European
Union, United States of America, India, Mexico,
China, Turkey and Malaysia.
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