Quality policy
Quality policy influences
on the entire company.
Quality Management
System Certificates
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Laboratory exploits a wide range
of modern devices for testing and
analysing of:

-   density,
-   compression stress,
-   permanent deformation,
-   hardness,
-   internal and external dimensions.
Quality Management System
is certified to the following

- ISO 9001:2015, 
- IATF 16949:2016.
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Quality Policy.

By means of the technology a high
homogeneity of component structure,          
the highest quality, repeatability and
aesthetics features of the products are

We constantly work on improving production
and technological processes. We buy state-
of-the-art machines and our staff is
constantly trained.

The result of our successful activities
is a broad group of our clients as well as
a constantly increasing number of new
Quality Policy.

We mobilize our employees to work with
joint liability. We do everything to make our
activities and strategies reliable and

Our high professionalism standards are the
basis for being a market leader in the rubber

We constantly improve competitiveness
of our employees. We are opened to the
communication with our staff, clients and
business partners.

Laboratory exploits a wide range of modern
devices what guarantees a control of
manufactured products in a field of:

- density,
- hardness,
- compression stress,
- permanent deformation,
- weight,
- external dimensions,
- internal dimensions.

The devices are regularly lagalized.
Quality Management
System Certificates.

The proof of high quality of our
products is the Quality Management
System Certificate confirming
to the following standards:        

IATF 16949:2016
ISO 9001:2015

The certificates are issued within
the scope of manufacture of rubber
products for the automotive industry.
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