We exploit a wide machine park
of moulding injection machines
with clamping force between
100 and 250 tons, provided by:

-   Maplan,
-   Klöckner-Desma,
-   Engel,
-   LWB Steinl.
We exploit an extrusion line
provided by Zamak-Mercator.                 
The line consists of the
folowing components:

-   extruder diam. 100 mm,
-   high-temperature furnace,
-   4-sections tunnel furnace,
-   laser measuring system,
-   haul-off,
-   profile winder.
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Precise cutting and gluing
We use hydraulic presses
provided by Ponar Żywiec
with clamping force between
30 and 160 tons.
We use a high-precision
cutting line provided by Ulmer.
The line consists of the
folowing components:

-   unreeling system,
-   pre-feeder system,
-   sag control system,
-   cutting system.
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Injection moulding.

Injection moulding is a manufacturing
process for producing parts by injecting
material into a mould.

Injection moulding can be performed with
a host of materials, most commonly
thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

Moulding injection process is conducted
with moulding injection machines. Material
for the part is fed into a heated barrel,
mixed, and forced into a mould cavity,
where it cools and hardens to the
configuration of the cavity.
Compression moulding.

Compression molding is a method of molding
in which the molding material, generally
preheated, is first placed in an open, heated
mold cavity.

The mold is closed with a top force or plug
member, pressure is applied to force the
material into contact with all mold areas,
while heat and pressure are maintained until
the molding material has cured.

The advantage of compression molding is its
ability to mold large, fairly intricate parts.   

Extrusion is a manufacturing process used to make
pipes, hoses, drinking straws, curtain tracks, rods,
and fibre.

The granules melt into a liquid which is forced through
a die, forming a long 'tube like' shape. The shape of the
die determines the shape of the tube. The extrusion is
then cooled and forms a solid shape.

The tube may be printed upon, and cut at equal
intervals. The pieces may be rolled for storage
or packed together.

Shapes that can result from extrusion include
T-sections, U-sections, square sections, I-sections,
L-sections and circular sections.
Precise cutting and gluing.

Automated process of precise cutting
with innovative technology guarantees
highest precision and quality.
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